Keeping it Real w/ An Organic Conversation

Today is a quick non-recipe post focusing on an important topic. I recently had the opportunity to be the guest on An Organic Conversation’s podcast. The topic was "The Paleo Point of View: Keeping it Real," and it covered the basics of the paleo diet along with common substitutions and guilty pleasures. The hosts Helge Hellberg and Sitarani Palomar were so fantastic, and they opened the hour show with a discussion focusing on the notion of replacing judgment with curiosity. This concept has been stuck in my head ever since. There is so much judgment out there in the world in every direction you look. The paleo diet is a perfect example with huge critics that sometimes massively judge the paleo lifestyle before fully informing themselves. I love the idea of replacing this judgment with curiosity so we can open our minds, learn more, and then form opinions on things. This process, along with sharing the opinions respectfully, would generate so much more positive conversation. I think it would allow people to realize that in reality, we often have a lot more similarities than differences.

You can listen to An Organic Conversation’s full podcast covering the paleo point of view on their website at or via iTunes. It is also airing on radio stations across the nation. In the meantime, try it out this week replacing one judgment with curiosity and see how it feels!