Steamed Veggies

The countdown is on. In exactly one week I will be on a 13-hour plane ride to Dubai freaking out. I have actually always liked flying, but anything over 5 hours makes my brain do crazy things. I start thinking about the fact that I am basically in a floating school bus above the ocean and will magically land on the other side of the world. Maybe this seems like a normal concept to you, but it certainly doesn't to me. Once I tried talking about these feelings with the person next to me, and it did not go very well. I luckily have great seats for the flights (aisles all the way), and I promised my mom I would do stretches, plane yoga, and walk around a little so I don't explode. I have never gone anywhere so far away before in my life, and I am sure it will be the experience of a lifetime. 

While I await my trip and try to keep busy, I have been experimenting with my newest kitchen toy - a metal steamer basket. I got this for $6 at Bed Bath & Beyond, and it is absolutely fantastic. If you can believe it, I had never steamed anything before in my life, and it is my new favorite way to cook veggies. I used to bake sweet potatoes all the time, and they took an hour minimum to really cook through. Steaming a sweet potato takes TEN minutes - if you don't realize how much of a game-changer this is, you clearly aren't paying attention.


Steamed Veggies:

 Prep time: 5 min, Cook time: varies


  • Any veggies you want! My favorite lately is a broccoli/carrot/celery medley or sweet potato


  1. Boil 2 inches of water
  2. Place the metal basket inside of the pot and add in your veggies
  3. Cover the pot leaving it slightly open for the steam to escape
  4. Steam until the veggies reach the desired consistency (carrots & sweet potatoes take about 10 min, celery 7-8 minutes, broccoli 4-5 minutes)