Roasted Chicken w/ Sweets & Beets

So if you're wondering, I am still upset about my poop sneaker. I am trying to pretend it never happened, but it isn't working. I don't have a padded mat under my standing desk yet, so I really need to wear sneakers in the house while I work. After yesterday's incident, I think my days of wearing sneakers in the apartment are over. The good news is that I will have a padded mat delivered and ready to go by the time I'm back from Stamford this week AND I found out that my sneakers are on sale on Zappos. I need another pair anyway, so this may just work out perfectly. I realize that if you are here for a delicious recipe, you probably don't want to hear about my dirty sneaker, but I just really needed to share!

I had a wonderful visit from my Dad today, and I wanted to make him a special meal before he headed out to London for business. I channeled my Grandma and went with my first ever roasted chicken. While I mastered the turkey back in November, I was still nervous about roasting the whole chicken. I threw it together with some roasted sweet potatoes and beets from the Siena Farm farmstore, and it was amazing! The one issue with beets is that their juice gets everywhere. The color is gorgeous, but I'd recommend wearing an apron (and a poncho) to avoid getting beet juice all over your clothes. Don't say you weren't warned!

Roasted Chicken w/ Sweets & Beets:

Serves 4, Prep Time: 15 minutes, Cook Time: 90 minutes


  • 4-5lb. free-range organic chicken
  • 2 sweet potatoes, peeled
  • 2 beets, peeled
  • Olive oil
  • 1 lemon, halved
  • 2 sprigs each of rosemary, thyme, & sage
  • Sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dried onion


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees
  2. Chop sweets & beets into 1-inch cubes and arrange in a baking dish. Toss with olive oil, sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, and dried onion (or onion powder).
  3. Rinse and pat dry chicken. Make sure you clean out the inside (luckily this one didn't have any surprises inside)
  4. Coat the chicken with a little olive oil, the juice from the two lemon halves, and some of the spices.
  5. Stuff the chicken with all of the herbs and the leftover lemon halves
  6. Bake for 75 minutes, basting every 15-20 minutes
  7. Flip over the chicken and cook for another 15 minutes
  8. Let the pan sit for 5-10 minutes and then carve and enjoy!