The Health Coach Revolution

Have you heard about the health coach revolution? If not, check this out... I am proud to announce that I am three weeks into the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) program, and it has been a fabulous experience so far. The program is extremely flexible, so I am able to get all of the reading and assignments done on nights and weekends while still working full-time. I have done a lot of unofficial health and wellness coaching over the years (meal plans, workout programs, emotional healing, etc.), and I finally decided to dive into the world that I have always been so passionate about. The best parts so far have been meeting enthusiastic, like-minded people and taking a deep-dive look at my own life and treating myself as my first official client. In a matter of a few short weeks, I have already felt the benefits. 

One of the things I am tasked with is to complete some health history sessions with prospective clients (or friends/family that want to help!). If anyone is curious, definitely shoot me an email or leave a comment. You will have a chance to fill out a simple health history form (everything is confidential), and then we will discuss things relating to sleep habits, nutrition, cooking habits, family health history, and overall wellness. I need to practice as many of these as possible, so don't be shy!

On an unrelated note, I woke up this morning to the best email from my aunt:

Ms. Paleo:

What can I prepare for you for Thanksgiving?

Yours truly,
Ms. Veg

I hope that all paleo people with non-paleo families are as lucky as I am! My vegetarian aunt couldn't be more accommodating, and I am counting down the days until thanksgiving.  I am planning on making a brussel sprout dish with pomegranate seeds and toasted nuts inspired by my new favorite restaurant The Gallows along with some sort of squash/coconut casserole. For dessert there will probably be an apple pie/crisp and maybe a paleo cookie/bar of sorts. Stay tuned for all of the recipes!