Great Friends & Great Meat

Vegetarians beware! No time for a recipe tonight, but I had to share this beautiful picture with all of my paleo followers. 

Breaking news! Two of my most wonderful friends Sarah and Mark are getting married next year. We all went to college together, and I worked at my first job with Sarah and now my current job with Mark. I am visiting them for a fun-filled weekend of shopping for wedding and bridesmaids dresses with Sarah's mom and sister. After a fantastic day of shopping and manicures, we met up with Mark and went out for a great dinner at Les Halles in NYC. Mark asked if anyone would share the romantic prime rib for two, and I couldn't resist. I had half a prime rib and some perfectly grilled vegetables. I awkwardly asked the waiter if we could bring the bone home with us, and luckily he wrapped it up in a giant shopping bag. We got home, staged our paleo photo shoot, and finished off the meat for dessert.

A perfect end to a perfect day for me... now it's your turn to go find a good friend to gnaw on a bone with! Enjoy ;)