My 1st Paleo Meetup & Butternut Squash Casserole

Welcome to Sooo Paleo! Everyone who knows me knows that I am either sooo excited, sooo happy, or sooo ready for a new adventure. I am in my third month of what started as a paleo experiment, and I have decided to share my journey with all of you! I am thrilled to share my recipes and experiences with you, exchange ideas, make friends, and hopefully laugh a lot along the way.

I just got home from my first MeetUp - for those of you who don't know, is a great website that brings together people with similar interests. I recently joined the "Living Paleo in Boston" meetup group and anxiously attended my first event. This was quite the adventure... to begin, it is key to point out that a hard and true fact about me is that I am never late. I have enough plans/schedules/lists to keep me on track for a lifetime (be gentle with your comments), but I found myself running late today. I was on a 5 mile walk this afternoon finishing off my 500-mile training journey of the summer when I got a call from Mal's parents saying they were in Boston headed to the seafood festival. I couldn't turn down the chance to spend time with them or to go to a food festival, so I took a detour and met them at the seaport. We chatted, walked around, watched an amazing cooking demonstration by a Peruvian chef making a beautiful ceviche and talking about sustainability, and devoured a lobster (sorry Larry). By the time I got home, I realized I was way behind schedule. The next hour consisted of roasting 5 pounds of butternut squash, showering, destroying my kitchen (this is not typical), deciding I should wear cowboy boots, putting ice packs all over my body (this is how I cool off when I am forced to rush), getting dressed, throwing together my dish for the potluck, and taking a taxi to Back Bay with a steaming hot casserole carefully carried in a dish towel. 

I eventually stopped sweating, and I had a wonderful time. It was a rocky start because I unknowingly walked into a deep conversation about cats, cat food, and litter boxes for the first 20 minutes (you know I'm scared of cats...), but it transitioned into a fantastic evening. There were two great lectures and a delicious pot luck. I met a fellow crossfitter from my box in Southie and some other very interesting people all passionate about paleo and health & wellness. I am planning on hosting an event at my apartment soon, and I am looking forward to being a part of the ever-growing paleo community in Boston! 

Enjoy the pictures of my butternut squash casserole - there would've been more, but if I didn't mention it, I was in a bit of a rush ;)

Cut and scooped two huge butternut squashes. Painted the tops with coconut oil and filled the holes and the pan with some water. Baked at 375 for an hour.

Melted some coconut oil in a pan, added the squash, and mashed it up with my potato masher. Added a ton of cinnamon, two farm fresh eggs, and a few heaping spoonfuls of almond flour. Threw it in a casserole dish, topped with unsweetened coconut flakes, and baked at 400 for another 20ish min.

Looking forward to more meetups and more posts!